Radio Control Guidelines

The Radio Control division of the club is called “RC Slow Flyers”.  The definition of a “Slow Flyer” is a light weight model that cannot be flown outdoors.  For safety reasons Slow Flyer RC models are limited to a maximum weight of 10 ounces, a 300 type brushless motor and a maximum wing loading of 5 ounces per square foot.  72 MHz frequency control is handled through our regular clothespin pegboard system.  Spread Spectrum radios do not require any pins.  If you have any doubts as to whether your model is appropriate for flying in the Hangar, please contact Horace Hagen, the RC coordinator. As a courtesy to the Historical Society tour guides we do not fly our RC models during a tour!

Upon entering Hangar 1, you may set up in any open area.  Please avoid positioning that appears to negatively affect any of the base equipment (we say “appears to” since it may not physically hurt the equipment).  However, if base personnel perceive that it will, we suffer the same consequences.

Saturday is usually the only day where we may have FF and RC planes flying in the same airspace.  The general flying schedule will be as follows:  RC will fly in the morning until 1:00 p.m. and FF will fly thereafter.  This is usually how we prefer to do it.  However, this is only a guideline and any aircraft may fly at any time.  When a FF plane is up during a morning RC session, the FF plane will have the right of way.  We have not had any collisions of note so far, but with our growing membership they are inevitable. If a model is lost or gets stuck you must contact  a club officer.  Allow them to determine the best way to retrieve the aircraft.  Again, you might enter an area that seems quite secure to you but this same area might appear quite different to Lakehurst base personnel.


RC Contact:

Horace G Hagen


East Coast Indoor Modelers

15 Parkway Place

Red BankNJ 07701