During June of 2019 when we had the crisis of losing our flying privileges in Hangar 1 I tried to enlist the help of the AMA.  I contacted our AMA District II Vice President Eric Williams and told him about our dilemma.  Fortunately we did not need AMA’s help because I was able to convince Lakehurst base commander Capitan Khan to let us back on base.

During my conversation with Eric he mentioned that AMA has a “National Aeromodeling Historic Landmark” program that our Hangar 1 should qualify for.  He also mentioned that AMA has an additional program for the “National Aeromodeling Historic Organizations” program and based on our long history our club should qualify for that honor also.

In September 2019 I decided to write a draft application for both programs.  Some of you were perhaps wondering why I asked for help in developing a history file.  Thank you one and all for your help.

In January 2020 I submitted our application to the AMA and during 2020 I kept adding new information as it developed.  In January 2021 it was accepted by the AMA Executive Council and became official on February 1, 2021.  So now Lakehurst Hangar 1 (our haven) and our club are officially in the record books.

At present we do not have access to the base but hopefully that will change soon.  I any case, there will be a dedication ceremony at some point assuming that the Lakehurst base commander agrees.  Hopefully we can get some press coverage from local newspapers and other media.

If our base access is ever challenged again in the future the AMA’s recognitions will certainly help to keep our use of Hangar 1.