Labor Day 2014 Report

                                     Free flight activity on Saturday September 6, 2014 - Rob Romash

 Tom Iacobellis and I couldn’t hit the epic Labor Day free flight weekend so we had to settle on the following one.  Kudos go to Horace as neither of us could get a base pass the day before and we dutifully followed him on base.  After flying in the hangar for nearly 30 years now I am pretty sure this was the hottest and most humid day I have ever spent there.  Much of the day was spent moving around making sure sweat drips didn’t hit the models during preparation.  Opposite to the salt mines during the World Championships in Romania where we moved to stay warm, this day we had to move to evaporate moisture so you could bear it.

 Tom showed up with one of last year’s F1D models and vowed to “stick it” in the roof.  He wound the living snot out of it several times but an extreme wing warp kept the model from really climbing out, he also had the model doing some nice 360 degree rolls on takeoff, very entertaining.  Tom also brought along his ornithopter and that model did much better, he got the RPM’s down on the wing and made a flight of around 5 minutes before a structural failure boxed the model.

I showed up with my new F1L, we sort of knew.  After a disappointing showing at the Kibbe Dome in Idaho with an attitude of “My old F1L still has some stuff left” it didn’t.  I built this new model with a clear hope to improve and from what I see it is doing pretty good at least for “Romash”.  I brought my simple equipment package and forgot my notes from a few weeks ago when I flew the model here.  The first real wind I thought “What was that back off?” seems it was more then I planned to use and the model slowly cruised its way up just touching the ceiling beams right at the top, second hit it dropped itself right on top of the of the beam.  Good thing it was within easy reach of the center catwalk and we had a 22 foot club pole.  Not so good was that the temperature at the top was near the surface of Venus.  After a successful retrieve and the loss of about 8 pounds of fluids I came back down.

 Over the day Tom had a high time of around 20 minutes on his F1D ( I think ) and a bit over 5 on his ornithopter.  I managed to get some good results for me with several flights over 18 minutes with a high times of 19.56 on my F1L.  All in all any day in the hangar is a good day.