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The base access information is listed under the "DOCUMENTS" tab. The base access form is listed as a pdf file. The file can be viewed on your screen and printed..


1. Check in at the main entrance guard house.

2. Present your base access DBID badge or temporary weekend paper pass to the guards.

3. Continue to the first intersection and make a left turn onto Severin road.

4. Park in the parking lot on the left side of Severin road (not next to Hangar 1).

5. Enter through one of the doors on the east end of Hangar 1.


Lakehurst Navel Air Engineering Station (now part of Joint Base - McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst - (JB-MDL) is an active military base.  2021 marks the 95th year of indoor model flying in Hangar 1.  Our club was formed in 1931 and is one of the oldest indoor modeling associations in the world and our interest is to continue it for many more.

It is the responsibility of each club member to obey Military Regulations.  Speed Limits, Non-smoking areas, Restricted Parking (etc.) are all well posted.  Do not expect the ECIM club to bail you out, as we are all guests of the base.  You can expect castigation in such instances from your club and fellow modelers, since you are jeopardizing our position with Lakehurst.  Respect and appreciation should be given to ALL base personnel.  They have demonstrated their ability in truly being the “ultimate host’.  Many flying sites have come and gone in the years we have been at Lakehurst.  As a group, we should strive to create an interest, curiosity and feeling of well being with our hosts.


While in Hangar 1 we are a little isolated from the outside world.  If an emergency such as an injury or fire occurs your best procedures are as follows:


The fire department is located within a block of Hangar 1 (732-323-7816).  Our most rapid response would be to directly contact them.  Fire Alarm boxes are located throughout Hangar 1 and on top of the aircraft carrier deck.  All club members are encouraged to become familiar with where the Fire Alarms are located


The medical clinic is not available to club members unless you are enrolled there.  They are not open on the weekends.  (732-323-5323).  In case of an emergency call 911.


Can be handled through the front gate police.  732-323-2184 or 732-323-4000.


Our club storage cage is located in the southwest corner of Hangar 1 in the elevator tower.  Inside, members will find all support equipment necessary for each FF flying session including a first aid kit.  The lockers for R/C equipment are located southeast of the carrier deck and are labeled “Property of East Coast Indoor Modelers”.  The small locker also contains a First Aid kit.  At the end of the day, please ensure all items are returned to the cage/lockers, locks closed, and tumble the wheels so the combination does not show.


Our club chairs and tables are located on the east end of the carrier deck. There are 15 chairs and 7 tables and they must be secured with a cable lock at the end of each flying session.


We recommend you use the lavatory near the center of the north wall.  You need to enter through the door to the east of the restored airship gondola located north of the carrier deck.


At present, only club members have access to the base. 


Upon entering Hangar 1, you may set up in any open area.  Please avoid positioning that appears to negatively affect any of the base equipment (we say “appears to” since it may not physically hurt the equipment).  However, if base personnel perceive that it will, we suffer the same consequences.


If a model is lost or gets stuck you must contact the contest director or a club officer.  Allow them to determine the best way to retrieve the aircraft.


Lakehurst NAES asks that we refrain from photographing anything outside Hangar 1.  Pictures inside Hangar 1 are permitted.  Good judgment should always be exercised.


ECIM has two trash barrels in Hangar 1 with ECIM labels on them and must be used exclusively.  The barrels must be lined with garbage bags available in our locker.  You are expected to leave your area the way you found it when you arrived.  In addition, we will try to clean up any other loose trash in Hangar 1 during our sessions.  This is no small task as the physical environment inside Hangar 1 constantly changes.  After each session, take a trash bag and walk around picking up loose items throughout Hangar 1.


We are very fortunate to have a group of experienced members.  We want to encourage a family atmosphere and the above rules should help achieve this.  The East Coast Indoor Modelers club exists for the benefit of the beginner; as well as, the world class competitor.  It is the responsibility of every member to ensure our club concept is met.  If you observe any member compromising our rules, make a diplomatic attempt to correct the situation  immediately.  Lakehurst base personnel support us in revoking admittance to anyone who jeopardizes our group or our continued use of the base.  The Navy and Lakehurst base personnel have been very good to us, and we count on every member to reciprocate this warm feeling back to them.


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