The East Coast Indoor Modelers (ECIM) club consists of aeromodelers who fly indoor free flight models and indoor radio control models  The club has access to historic Lakehurst Hangar 1 on a limited number of weekends and every national holiday throughout the year for free flight and slow fly RC enthusiasts. The earliest free flight activity took place beginning in 1926. As far as we know, ECIM is one of the oldest operating indoor model aircraft clubs in the nation.  As a club we have been flying in the Hangar since 1931.  We host nationally sanctioned free flight contests and record trials throughout the year. Our free flight members regularly set national records and occasional world records. We also often sponsor the USA F1D team selection contest. Hangar 1 provides one of the largest indoor spaces on the planet. Its interior dimensions are: 800' long X 250' wide with a 180' ceiling. The Hangar was originally constructed during the heyday of rigid airship development and is most famous for housing the Hindenburg Zeppelin between its Trans-Atlantic flights. Hangar 1 is part of the Navy Lakehurst Air Engineering Facility, which provides the US Navy with maintenance and developmental support. Today it is a national historic site and part of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB-MDL).  ECIM maintains a close relationship with the base and is considered part of Hangar 1's history. ECIM is a chartered club (#414) of our national aero modeling association the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  In February of 2021 the AMA recognized our club as a National Aeromodeling Historic Organization and Hangar 1 as a National Aeromodeling Historic Landmark.  The instructions for joining our club are listed under the documents tab.