Free Flight Guidelines

All AMA indoor free flight categories can be flown in Hangar 1. The Hangar is a category IV
site. Some equipment is available in the club cage in the southwest elevator tower of the
Hangar. The combination for the lock is included in the club information packet that is sent to all
new club members.

ECIM submits AMA record sanctions several times a year between April to October. For the current sanction
schedule or any questions, contact Rob Romash at the address below. Flying can occur
from sun-up to late in the evening. ECIM does have spot lights in the club cage for the die hard enthusiasts.

The best flying conditions in Hangar 1 for free flight are determined by the current outdoor
weather. Typically, the best flying conditions are in the late afternoon on calm warm days. On
calm days, drift in the Hangar is generally minimal. On windy days air currents inside the Hangar
can be significant and unpredictable.

Floor conditions in the Hangar are constantly changing as the military shuffles equipment and
supplies around. Obviously, we have no control over the base activities and while flying aircraft
in the Hangar it is important not to disturb the base personnel. There is a mock up air craft carrier
deck that occupies approximately 15% of the floor space in the north-east corner of the
Hangar. West and south of the deck is where we usually find the most floor space and is the
primary launching area for free flight aircraft. The primary take off and landing area for slow flyer
RC models is on the east end of the carrier deck.

We are frequently asked “when are the best times to fly free flight models in Hangar 1”.  Typically, high-pressure weather systems give us the calmest conditions.  If you check the National Weather Map and the “H” or center of a High-pressure system is centered on or above Lakehurst you can count on good conditions.  Easterly flowing air currents are desired, they seem to allow the least amount of model drift.  Our worst conditions are with rapidly moving weather systems.  Light rain has proven itself to be less of a threat with the improvements to Hangar 1.  With a year round schedule, still the best times for free flight models are with warmer weather.  Today’s Tan II rubber seems to work best at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Saturday is usually the only day where we may have FF and RC planes in the same airspace.  The general flying schedule is as follows: RC will fly in the morning until 1:00 p.m. and FF will fly thereafter.  This is usually how we prefer to do it.  However, this is only a guideline and any aircraft may fly at any time.  When a FF plane is up during a morning RC session, the FF plane will have the right of way.  We have not had any collisions of note so far, but with our growing membership they are inevitable.

You should bring everything you need to fly your model. Tables and chairs are available
near the hut at the east end of the carrier deck.

FF Contact:
Robert Romash
Vice President & FF Coordinator
East Coast Indoor Modelers
1442 Kirkham Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80910