Contest Schedules

2022 Free Flight Contest at Lakehurst, NJ (Pending access)

Date                                                              Event

Labor Day weekend                     Major Contest (AAA Contest)

Contact: Brett Sanborn

810 618 6341



Traditional Contests

ECIM is proud to host three annual Free Flight contests. They are all held over holiday weekends in the hopes that it will allow the most participants to enter.

              Contest                                                                    Date

Pete Andrew's Memorial Contest                          Memorial Day Weekend

The indoor Blowout                                               July 4th Weekend 

Season's End Contest                                           Labor Day Weekend   

ECIM contest weekends are usually laid back affairs. Most attendees will come from other areas of the country just to attend these special events. Free Flight Record Trials begin the first and third weekends of April, June, July, August and September. It is during these select weekend contests that national records may be set.

Although any indoor event may be flown, the best competition usually occurs after a survey of the models in attendance. Generally the prize for winning an event is the respect and admiration of your peers. The club usually provides an area to post times during a contest. The intent for the future is to post the times here on the site.

Lodging and Food
There are several hotels in the Lakewood and Toms River areas of New Jersey.  They are approximately a 10-15 minute drive from Hangar 1.  Room rates vary with the activity level at the Jersey Shore (most of these hotels serve the shore areas).

Ramada Inn                                         2373 Route 9                                    Toms River           800-230-8440

Quality Inn                                            2016 Route 37 West                         Manchester          844-741-9937

Howard Johnson                                  955 Hooper Ave & Route 37             Toms River           855-213-0582



Luigi’s Pizzeria & Restaurant               21 Union Avenue                               Lakehurst             732-657-7000

Lakehurst Diner                                   Corner Route 547 & Route 70           Lakehurst             732-657-9747



Burger King                                          Right turn at the light on RT 70          145 Route 70

McDonalds                                           Across the street from the light          98 Route 70

7-Eleven Convenience Store               Right turn at the light on RT 70          217 Route 70                       

Wawa Convenience Store                   Right turn at the light on RT 70          408 Route 70